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CNC Door Rail Production Line
Product Specifications Description:
CNC Door Rail Production Line
Model :  MSK800 

This machine is with strong functions, such as automatic material grab, reverse, in feed, detect and generate working data, 

middle clamping and hole drilling, double sides milling, also automatic glue spray with fixed quantity & glue spray detect 

and automatic dowel insert at double sides, with 11 working procedures, 9 stations working at same time, each 45 seconds

a cycle, produce rail with various specifications continously with high working efficiency. 


Main Parameter:

-Rail length:340mm~870mm

-Rail width:100mm~250mm

-Rail thickness:19mm~40mm

-Drill spindle number:2*2

-Distance betwen center of drill spindle:60mm

-Max.drilling depth:65mm

-Drilling motor:200w

-Milling motor:2*5.5kw(levo&dextro)

-Max.milling depth:20mm

-Overall dimensions:7500mm*2900mm*1800mm


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