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CNC Sliding Door H Direction Double End Solution
Product Specifications Description:
CNC Sliding Door H Direction Double End Solution
Model :  MDK4124H  


MDK4124H CNC Sliding Door H Direction Double End Solution could be applied to wooden door manufacturing with various material. 

It is a necessary equipment for door enterprise to increase output and improve quality. 



Main Parameter:

-Workpiece length:1960mm~2400mm

-Workpiece width:28mm~40mm

-Workpiece thickness:520mm~1100mm

-Top motor of door:2*3.7+0.4+2*1.5kw(leco&dextro)

-Bottoman motor of door:3.7+0.4+2*5.5kw(leco&dextro)

-Overall dimensions:2900mm×2450mm×1900mm


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