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CNC Wooden Door Hole & Slot Processing Machine
Product Specifications Description:

CNC Wooden Door Hole & Slot Processing Machine



Working length:1800-2400mm

Working width:590-1100mm

Working thickness:30-60mm

Dextro motor beside te lock:6.0kw

Levo motor beside te lock3.7kw

Door stopper motor:3.7kw

Lock-hole motor:2*3.7kw

Dextro motor beside te hinge3.7kw

Levo motor beside te hinge3.7kw

Lead-hole motr beside the hinge:0.4kw

Max.Moving speed of tool:20m/min

Overall dimensions:7000*3500*2100mm




On basis of MDK4120Q, it adds device to process holes & slots on bottom of door beside lock slot that improves machine working speed. The whole machine is with ten CNC spindles, by using Mitsubishi motion controller and Mitsubishi servo motor, it is with faster response.

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